Endodontics in Oxon Hill

When to contact your Endodontist

Masking the pain by taking ibuprofen will only worsen your problem. If you experience recurring pain, contact our dentist immediately. Saving a tooth is always better than having it extracted and replaced with something artificial- nothing beats real enamel despite how far technology has come!

If we suspect your tooth's root is in danger, an x-ray can help us confirm that diagnosis. A root canal often takes two appointments to complete; during the first appointment (which lasts around an hour), we use various tools to clean out the infection from deep inside of your tooth and create a space for fillings or dental crowns which are capped onto most of what remains of many teeth after undergoing this procedure with barely anything left on them at all.

When your pulp becomes inflamed or infected, you will begin to feel symptoms. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please call us to avoid serious complications.


While toothaches can be passing, there are some symptoms that are not to be ignored. Sharp pain in the middle of the night leading to a generalized headache is a warning sign of a more serious issue with your tooth.


Common symptoms of an abscess include jaw pain, bad breath, fever, and/or pus.


Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods is a good indicator that you’re dealing with an infection.


Dark discoloration on the tooth points to a deteriorated pulp. This points to severe damage.

Feel free to call our office to learn more about the root canal procedure or any other services we provide. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re in Oxon Hill or surrounding areas, please call our office at 301-567-3122 to get more information about Endodontics in Oxon Hill.